11 February 2014

Stash Love


Would it be so terrible if my stash of yarn was the first thing I unpack on Friday when we move into our new house? I'm sorely tempted because I'm missing it rather a lot. What is it about a stash of yarn? Is it simply the touch and smell of delicious yarn that is so comforting? Or, the thrill of what each skein promises to become? I don't know. Whatever, I can't wait to get my hands on my stash again at the end of the week.

Excitingly, I had a little splurge on yarn and fibre as I left the UK, quickly packing it away before I'd had much time to enjoy it properly. It'll be a little like Christmas when I get my hands on it all again.

Whilst I've been patiently waiting for our moving in day and for our container to be delivered, I've been collecting a few lovely (nearly all local) skeins. I've thought a little about what I might make with each and although nothing is set in stone, at this stage it's all destined for things for me ...

So far, I've squirrelled yarns from New Zealand indie dyers Soft Like Kittens, Happy Go Knitty and Spinning a Yarn. The creamy yarn to the left of the picture is also a New Zealand yarn, a merino/possum mix from Naturally Yarns but the pale blue lace is from Peruvian company Misti Alpaca

Are there any other New Zealand dyers I just have to try? Do tell. I may even brave a sale on Facebook if you tell me it's worth it!


  1. It looks like you picked up some very pretty yarn. Enjoy your stash diving :)

  2. I think I would unpack it first too. It's like a friend in the room with you. It makes you smile : )
    Happy knitting

  3. Nice to see you are busy partaking of the local offerings! I couldn't imagine being apart from my stash for so long. Have fun getting reacquainted again with all your lovelies.

  4. Such pretty yarns, surely at wine o'clock on moving day you can unpack and play with them for a bit. What is that lovely denimy blue yarn and where did you get it? Good luck for Friday.

  5. Definitely think you should unpack your yarn stash first. You'll have all that space in the room to lay it out and organise it (and maybe roll in it a bit!).

    Looks like you've got some yummy yarns there :)

  6. i love naturally yarns! will defs have to check out some of those nz dyers as well. southern hemisphere represent.

  7. We recently moved also, and I've had the most enjoyable time unpacking all my yarn and fabric. It's been a long process to get it organised in a new space, but it definitely made our new house feel like HOME to have all my tools and supplies set-up!

  8. You have to try Vintage Purls as well (www.vintagepurls.co.nz); she's having some site issues at the moment and is shifting providers to fix that, but the yarn wears well and the colours are gorgeous!

  9. Love my stash - although it is a double edged sword for me, it reminds me sometimes of all the projects I have not knitted (because some other more exciting ones made it onto my list) and makes me dream of all the other projects I could be knitting...


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