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A Handmade Photoshoot for Lisette

I made a new top and jeans to wear with Lisette because well, it felt like she deserved it.

I had some floaty, textured grey (I think a silk mix but I can't exactly remember!) which I turned into a Laurel top. I hadn't made Laurel before, she's a pattern from Colette patterns and it seems that nearly everyone on instagram has one, so I was a little late to the party. I'll definitely be making more - it's a great basic shape.

Initially I thought that I'd have to add a little more ease to the waist because my waist measurement fell into a size a few larger than my bust and hips but I needn't have worried because I ended up zipping it right back in at the waist once it was altogether because it looked horribly sack-like wider and I needed a more defined waist even if it was cut a little closer than the pattern suggested.

I also added an invisible zip to the back even though I realise now it's finished, I could have left the whole zip out like lots of other people have. I have to enlist all my gymnastic skills but I can actually get it on and off over my head without touching the zip.

I'd say that my invisible zip skills are improving but it is a teeny bit pouchy underneath and I actually sewed one today that needed unpicking and still isn't quite right. I think it's the fabric I'm combing them with - lighter fabric isn't keen on zips.

I really wanted the jeans to be fantastic but I have to accept that they are a "wearable" muslin. They're OK but not awesome. Jeans are hard!

It's super tricky to cut the denim without a twist and I panicked when I looked at them half done and held them up to my thighs thinking they'd be way too tight. The denim is a little stretchy but I couldn't conceive of how they'd fit so I sewed all the leg seams with only a tiny seam allowance.

Sure enough they were tight although I could wriggle them up but I hadn't factored in "natural jeans stretching" ... by the end of the first day of wearing them I was yanking them up left, right and centre ... too big! Actually in the photo above Mr Myrtle caught me giving my jeans a giant pull up!

I will make more - but I'm going to have a play with the fit around the back of my waist so it fits neater and I'll try a denim that has a little more stretch so it zings back into shape better ...

Anyhow, did you catch that I had a new shawl out? It's the first of three accessories I designed for the Happy-Go-Knitty Winter Warmer club. Totally inspired by Crochet, Lisette is slightly retro, groovy shawl, guaranteed to put a spring in your step and she uses just one skein of fingering.

I'd say she needs a little concentration but if you're a fairly confident, advanced beginner knitter, you'll be just fine.

I've got an introductory discount running until the end of the weekend - 15% off with the code LISETTE - and if you're in the mood for knitting with friends, come join the Lisette KAL through August in the Ravelry group.


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