Truly Myrtle Podcast: Episode 34 - lambs & yarn swap

This week I have a co-host! My mum Jude is joining me on the podcast and talking about what's on her needles. She's excited about our yarn swap too and we chat a bit about that, new lambs being born and lots of other things ....

The photo is the wee sweater on Jude's needles - she's using some yarn I dyed recently and is making a tiny sweater for my youngest brother's "twinkle in his eye" - there's no sign of a baby or a partner but best to be prepared!

Are you joining in the yarn swap? As of today we've had 57 people sign up - roughly half from NZ and the other half scattered around the rest of the world.

I'm keeping the Ravelry thread open until 1 October - so hop over and let me know if you fancy joining in.

Do you have a preference about colours or yarn weight for the swap? Are you intolerant to a particular fibre or food? Do you want a happy surprise? Tell us in the Ravelry thread so your partner can get a feel of what you'd enjoy.

As usual, fabulous theme tune by Mr Roberelli :)

p.s. the "cleaning music" Jude mentions is a tribute to Led Zepplin by Annie & Nancy Wilson - Stairway to Heaven.

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