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Episode 56: mood boards and making a plan

Welcome to the Truly Myrtle podcast!

In episode 56 I'm chatting about my mood board, I'm looking for a structure for my capsule wardrobe and I'm sharing some resources to figure out our style.

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I mentioned Tui birds - they are one of my favourites of the NZ native birds with such a glorious call.

I really like Hahnemühle Sketch & Note books - they're made from lovely art paper, come in packs of 2 and are very reasonable. I use the A4 size.


The most well-known way to structure a capsule wardrobe is probably Project 333. Thirty three items of clothing for 3 months. It sounds like a neat way to roll with the changing seasons.

I'm drawn to the Sudoku method promoted by Colleen Hammond. Sixteen items that can all mix and match to create 10 coordinated outfits. Here's the basic template.

Lucky Lucille (Rochelle New) has been working on her #makenine for the last few years. Check out #2017makenine on instagram to see what nine items people are working on this year.


I thoroughly enjoyed Carol Tuttle's course Live Your Truth and learned a lot about myself.  I discovered I'm a type 3 and it was liberating to hear my embarrassing quirks are very normal traits of a type 3 ;)

Recently I've been following Stasia (Stay-sha) Savasuk from Her enthusiasm is infectious and I really enjoy her layered, bouncy but feminine style. She runs courses to help you find your style too.

Thanks for listening!

Have a great weekend,

Love Lib xxx


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