5 Things About Me

Skeppe - Hat Pattern coming soon.

I haven't participated in a meme for ages. Partly because it makes me vaguely uncomfortable to dedicate a whole blog post to talking about myself and partly because I've usually got a ton of other things I want to tell you. But, over the last week PixieSam from A Little of What you Fancy nominated me for a blog award and both Sue of Granny's World and Sarah from Sezza Knits tagged me in a game of (what I'm calling) "tell us five things about yourself" and that made me feel good, so I figured I'd better pass some of that goodness on. Plus, I've worked out a way to NOT make it all about me (you'll see). Ah, that feels better.

Right, so the five things:

1. Although airports fill me with excited anticipation, I'm quite scared of flying. Mr Myrtle explains to me how and why it's safe and I hear the words but they don't make me feel any better. There is nothing fun about zipping along in a steel box in the sky. To be honest, the effort of taking four children from the UK to New Zealand on my own (to visit our families) is nothing compared to the nerves I have to manage while on board. It is all I can do to not reply "I have absolutely no freak'n idea, we probably will" to their endless question "why don't we fall out of the sky?".

2. Before I had children I was an Intellectual Property Lawyer. Don't ask me what that is. I purposely don't remember.

3. My third baby was born at home before the midwife arrived. Apparently it is officially called a "BBA" (Birth Before Arrival). More people have them than you realise. Mr Myrtle and I had to catch her before she hit the floor and, although I wouldn't choose to do it again, it was pretty awesome.

4. My date of birth is a palindromic number. It's the same forwards as backwards. As a complete geek very fond of numbers, I've always been pretty chuffed about that. I wonder if you can work out what it is? (DD.MM.YY)

Skeppe - Hat Pattern coming soon. Skeppe - Hat Pattern coming soon.

5. I finally finished writing up my hat pattern. I was tempted not to tell you because I'm so nervous. But, I thought if I slipped it in here at the end, you might not notice ... I'm looking for test knitters now. There are four sizes (Small child/Large child/Adult & Large Adult) and I'm after three tests of each size. If you're keen to test the pattern for me in the next few weeks, drop me an email at trulymyrtle (at), together with the circumference of the head you'd like to knit for.

Now I have to nominate a few people to tell us five things about them. Well, I'd like to hear five things about: 

  • Sabrina who's going to take the world by storm one day, and whose lovely blog Wolves in London makes me giggle.
  • Laura who takes absolutely beautiful pictures and shows us glimpses of the crafty country life I dream of, at Circle of Pine Trees.
  • Sarah, who feels like a knitting buddy and blogs about knitterly things over at Crafts from the Cwtch. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures into sewing Sarah!

Over to you ladies :)

Storm in a teacup

We've had a funny old few days here at Truly Myrtle... it started right after I finished my last post, just minutes after actually. It's funny that something so small and innocuous as a cup of tea can cause so much trouble. Well, let me tell you, it can. Especially when it's tipped over a computer. Yip, you read right. I ignored that most sacred of rules - do not consume beverages near the computer - particularly when wrestling with toddlers at the same time. After my little accident, I'd go as far to say that toddlers, tea and computers should not occupy the same room at the same time. Well, my toddler and my tea collided (I'm not blaming her, really, it was totally my fault...) and the computer was drenched. Mr Myrtle was less than impressed. Voices were raised and I may have seen smoke waft from his ears. 

As a result, we were unplugged for a few days while the poor computer dried out. I could still get onto the internet on other devices, but couldn't get to my emails, nor check the regular stream of blogs delivered to my inbox. And, man, do you guys write a lot! I had soooooooo many emails to catch up on ..... So, yip, the computer dried and rather miraculously survived, and I am banned from drinking tea within a six foot radius of the poor machine.

basket of promise

You'll be pleased to hear that I made good use of my time. Just look at that basket of lusciousness! I raided my stash, pulling out skeins and balls that just NEED to be knitted into lovely things and then I searched Ravelry to see what other people had made with these yarns. Oh my, what an awesome feature. I found some fantastic patterns, popped them in my queue and now have the exciting prospect of knitting them! 

mummy's little helpermummy's little helpermummy's little helper

I am truly suffering from "want to knit all the things" syndrome, aka startitis. I'm still plugging away with my Everyday Cardy. It's mostly knitted up and I've been procrastinating over sewing the sleeves in, such is my aversion to sewing up. When I read that the Yarn Harlot always blocks her pieces it was all the ammunition I needed to delay further. If she does it, then clearly, so must I. And there, behind my little tea-tipper doing what she loves best, is my Everyday Cardigan, washed and blocking. 

I've resurrected my Wispi and that's coming along little by little. Remember it's lace? It's slow... 

pink scarf

Not to be put off by a little lace knitting, I've cast on another little something with stash yarn (I've been warning you there's a lot...). This pretty pink is a ball of Romney I picked up in New Zealand years ago from the lovely lady just out of Cambridge.  I'm not sure that she's still spinning and dyeing? I'm making Unleaving by Lee Juvan. It's a free pattern from Knitty and I'm knitting it shorter because I have a little less yarn than is called for. Okay, so it's a little ragged right now, but I am super pleased with it because the lace is ever so slightly complicated and I am managing it in spite of kids interrupting. The secret has been my pencil and my religious marking off of rows on the pattern. I don't breathe much while I'm knitting it, so it's being done in small bursts.

simple socks

The last piece of knitting on my needles is this sock. The first of a pair for Mr Myrtle. I'm knitting plain socks, cast on 64, knit two, purl two rib for a bit and then stockinette until the heel. Perfect knitting for school sports day, which is where it started. Great for chucking in the top of my bag as we head out the door and great for sitting under the tree in the sun in the school playground after school while chatting to other mothers. And, before you ask, I'm the only one there knitting. The yarn is from my stash, I bought it in France last summer from a tiny wool shop, at a rock bottom price. 

Details of all my projects can be found on my Ravelry page.

And finally, I have been quite staggered by the number of nominations for the Sunshine Award that I've been given this last couple of weeks. I'm so delighted at how many people have been enjoying my ramblings and pictures here at Truly Myrtle, I'm sure having fun :) 


The Versatile Blogger Award!


I've got another award and I'm not sure whether to be excited or embarrassed! I've been passed the Versatile Blogger award by Kiwiyarn Knits!!! 

Kiwiyarn Knits is an independent knitting designer living in New Zealand who loves New Zealand yarns. She writes a great blog that I have enjoyed reading for ages and I am pretty chuffed to be nominated by her!!! 

Oh, sod it, I'll be excited!!! Thank you so much! Truly Myrtle is one month old and this is my second award!!
The rules of the award are as follows:

list seven things about yourself,
let the person who you have awarded know you have nominated them,

nominate 15 other blogs, and
list this set of rules.

The list of rules seems to change depending on who is doing the receiving... so I'm going to adapt them a little to suit me...okay?

source: via Linda on Pinterest

Well, you know that I love to knit and I love to sew. I also love to cook and I love cakes. My favourite is a toss up between a carrot cake with lashings of cream cheese icing, and a lemon drizzle loaf...yum.
I am left-handed. Well, actually I am left-handed for some things, right-handed for others and mostly right-footed. So, I'm actually a left-right muddle.

I love little things. Little tiny things are just delightful! I've always had a thing about little drawers, tins and notebooks but my favourites at the moment are my wee collection of little houses and my tiny line up of quirky animals. So sweet.

I once won a disco dancing competition. The Truly Myrtle kitchen regularly doubles as a dance floor and the Myrtle kids are great groovers too...

I love camping, but my idea of great camping is not terribly rough. I'm talking duvets and pillows, chairs and tables and showers. I take my knitting ... in the UK my preferred style of camping is called glamping (glamorous camping!)

But enough about me. What about my nominations?!

Well, there are so so many very fabulous blogs in blog-land and the choice is baffling. So, I have decided to narrow the selection, and spread the love down-under, by nominating blogs from New Zealand, or blogs written by Kiwis. 

Oooh La La!!! Look at that beach!!! You'lll find this stunning place in the Coromandel in New Zealand. The Coromandel is full of treasures like Hahei beach. 
Oh yes, there is a lot of goodness down there, and here are a few great blogs:

The knitters among you might recognise the gorgeous Aviatrix Hat. The clever woman behind this very popular pattern is Justine and she blogs about her knitting and family life at JustJussi.

Vanille's blog At Down Under is a total visual pleasure and simply makes your mouth water! Vanille moved from Paris to New Zealand and she makes very lovely things, writes about delicious food, and her photographs are just amazing!

I know Linda from Op Shop Mama in real life and I love her colourful, quirky blog. It regularly brings a smile to my face. A habitual op-shopper (charity shop/thrift store) she has some awesome collections!

Kate is an Australian living in New Zealand. She crochets and sews and generally makes beautiful bits. Kate's blog Greedy For Colour is full of exquisite photos and fun stuff. Check out her fab bike!!! 

Sweet William is the blog of sisters Shella (NZ) and Paula (AUS). They describe their very stylish blog as an eclectic mix of things they love. They've been featured in magazines,  they sew, draw and make lots and lots of fab stuff that I love too!

Kelly hasn't actually blogged at Knitsoquaint for AGES! But, you have to take a peek and check out her wonderful knitting patterns. I have made several, and plan to make a 
bunch more! Come back Kelly!

So, there you go! My nominations!
Aren't they a fab bunch?!
I'm off to tell them...

Liebster Blog Award

Truly Mrytle has only been around for just over two weeks (and, wow! what an exciting couple of weeks it has been!!!) so I was really surprised and totally thrilled to be nominated for an award!!!

Thank you Ruth for sending the Liebster Blog award my way! 

Liebster means something along the lines of “loveliest” and the Liebster Blog Award is awarded to "lovely" bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.

As a recipient of the Liebster Blog Award I have to:

·   thank Ruth for nominating me! (see how I have linked back to her site – I have to do that too!),
·    paste a copy of the Award on my blog (it's up there), and
·  nominate 3-5 blogs to receive the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Source: via Ellen on Pinterest

So, who do I pass this lovely award on to? Well, over this past two weeks I have met some very lovely bloggers and visited some very lovely blogs. So many that I've found it really hard to choose! But choose I must. So, in no particular order, here are the lovely bloggers I nominate:

nimble fingers and steady eyebrows is the blog of Laura and Annie, friends living on opposite sides of the Atlantic. They knit and sew and their blog posts are letters to one another. It is fun peeking into their lives and they have some lovely creations to boot!

Homemade By Heidi is the blog of Heidi, mum of two, fabulous sewer and the run-away winner of the project run & play signature outfit sew-along competition. I am looking forward to seeing where her sewing adventures take her!

Michelle, the woman behind Will Knit For Food has a penchant for early sixties mad men dresses, so she wins my heart straight away! She knits and sews and has an awesome sewing pattern collection…

I love Carrie's simple, homemade, outdoors, slow-paced life at woman wife momma. Carrie has a gentle, warm style and she inspires me to slow down and enjoy the view!

My latest lovely find has been Jessica from Sunny Stitching. Jessica's blog is friendly and welcoming. Sunny, just like it says on the tin. She has a bunch of fun tutorials - even a guide to homemade crisps!

Please, go check out these lovely blogs and make sure you tell your friends!

If you want to follow my crafting adventures, I'd love that!

Just click on the RSS feed in the address bar at the top of the page or enter your email over there on the right. Thanks!!!!

I've got a lot more loveliness in store for you…