Small Pleasures

Quick Fix

I don't think I've touched my basket of crochet granny circles since we left the UK and last night I had a sudden urge to make some. As it turned out, I had lots of things to do before I had a chance to sit down at the end of the day so I only managed three before bed but I'm quite pleased with them and now I'm inspired to do more. Maybe I'll actually manage enough for a blanket one day after all!

Small Pleasures

I'm still taking the "grab three colours that appeal" approach to making my circles. It involves doing exactly that - reaching into my basket of yarn and quickly taking three colours that catch my eye. It's a very low stress activity.

The yarn in my basket are all left over odds and ends from other projects with the occasional whole ball from my stash that I've relegated to the "scrap" basket. Most is wool although there are some lovely glossy wool/silk blends and fluffy alpaca in there.  I've only included double knitting or yarn around that weight, from sport-weight to worsted. Last night I decided to take out all the little bits of sport weight because it really does make a too-small circle even when the sport is only one colour in the three. The odd bit of worsted I can handle, like the golden corn-coloured wool in my bottom circle, even though those circles are a wee bit bigger, they're not too bad. My intention is to make my circles all more-or-less the same size and when I've got enough for a double bed, I'll join them with something "natural" coloured (I have no idea what yet so that may change!)

If you want to make circles for yourself, you can find fantastic instructions with photos here. I just quickly re-read them and realised that I've been leaving out a few single chains here and there. Oh well, they still look ok! 

My one piece of advice would be: weave in your ends as you go. I actually crochet my first two colours in as I go along - just lay the end along the edge of your work and crochet around it. Any tiny bits that peep out can be snipped off. My outer colour is quickly woven in a the end. Dealing with hundreds of circles with thousands of ends is not something I'd look forward to ....

Postcards: On The Side


According to my official granny circle counters - I'm up to 120. Still not enough for the gigantic blanket I have in mind (although I haven't worked out how much I'm aiming for yet) but my piles are growing and I love all the pretty colours.

I'm tempted to start joining them together except that I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

In the meantime, I'll keep 'em coming, circle by circle. My basket of scraps doesn't look any smaller.

Love Lib X

A Month of "Postcards"

We're not going away this Summer. We're holidaying at home, having a staycation. 

I thought it would be good to have a wee blogging holiday too, so I'm going to have a month off. Sort of. I heard about The August Break earlier in the week and it sounded just what I needed. A month of photos, but not regular blogging as such. It's a change that I think will be as good as a holiday ;)

My plan is to send you a bunch of postcards from my "holiday".  A picture and a wee note telling you a little of what I've been up to on my staycation.

So, without further ado, here's my first postcard:

Crochet Camp

I've been at Crochet Camp! 

Although I haven't actually followed any of Kat's lovely patterns, I've been inspired to crochet & I've whipped up a cotton dishcloth. I didn't use a pattern and you can find all the details about it here, on my Ravelry page.

Love Lib X

P.S. There are lots and lots of people joining in The August Break. You might like to take a peek at what they're up to.

The August Break 2013



Oh gracious! I seem to have started rather a lot of things lately. Some you know about, others have sort of started without me quite realising ...

I'm not too bad at juggling a couple of projects, but six? Nope. Too many. Especially with all the kids home for six weeks of summer holidays. I've got to finish a couple of things, and quick. 

Let me tell you where I'm at.


A while ago I started a sleeveless Washi top in black & white fabric, but it was put to one side when it seemed summer would never start. After enjoying my recent sewing I pulled it out again and resolved to finish it and put it together with something from my stash for a second bonus outfit (I've also resolved that all "bonus outfits" can be made only from fabric and yarn in my stash).

The snag is that I can't seem to find the rest of the black & white fabric to make binding for the sleeves ... goodness knows where it's gone. So instead, I've decided to make bias binding from the pumpkin coloured cotton in the picture. It was originally cream but I dyed it, along with the burnt orange denim underneath. Do you recognise the denim? It's the remainder of the fabric I used for my trousers in outfit 2. I'm rather in love with the rich shade it's turned with this recent dye job.

My plan is to make a short denim skirt to go with my top. Initially, I thought I'd use a pattern for my skirt - I've had my eye on the Moss Mini skirt from Grainline Studio, but I'm toying with the idea of copying a pattern from a skirt I've already got. 

So, there's a bonus outfit to finish. The top should be quick, but the skirt ... hmmm.


I am desperate to get my poncho for outfit 6 done. It was great learning how to do the crochet stitches and follow the pattern, but now I'm more than ready to block it, sew it up and not crochet another stitch of it. 

Look how small my ball of yarn is. Really, I should just sit down and crochet until it's done.


I'm loving spinning the bluefaced Leicester and it's going pretty quickly. But, I'm planning to buy more fibre this weekend and would rather like it off my wheel pronto so I can get the luscious new stuff on.

I'm sounding impatient aren't I? I'm sure it's a case of the old "so much to do, so little time". Anyway, there's more:


There's a part of me that's regretting taking this project on. It's my party dress for outfit 6 and I'm using an old pattern that comes in only one size and it's much too big for me.

I started by cutting out a muslin in my trusty lime cotton and basting it together to get a feel for how big the dress would be. I thought I'd adjust the muslin, transfer my changes to the pattern and all would be good. Oh, how wrong I was!

Basically, the muslin is massive. There's just too much to change and aside from the fact I've not done something like this before, it's super hard making those sorts of adjustments on yourself. Mr Myrtle and the kids wouldn't be much help in that department and I haven't got a sewing dummy. So, my new plan is to alter the paper pattern, then make another muslin and then fitting that. Sound doable? I'm crossing my fingers I'll be fine, when I muster the enthusiasm to tackle it. 

(What I'd really like is a fantastic sewer at my elbow to talk me through it.  Anyone keen?)


Mr Myrtle's new socks are coming along nicely. They're a perfect project to take places, great for "chatting knitting" and they're looking great. I'm nearly at the toe on one and about halfway down the foot on the other. Soooo close and I'm tempted to get these off the needles first because I'm enjoying knitting them.


And finally, something that's making my brain buzz. I've started writing up and grading my tank pattern. I'm including some changes to the design and am going to knit up another in this lovely blue yarn.

If I'm honest, this is all I really want to do. All the time. I am absolutely loving figuring it out and I'm learning so much. But, I can't do it all the time, especially during the school holidays! I expect it will be done in fits and starts and probably be ready to release just in time for winter!  Remember, I released a winter hat just in time for spring? Hopeless! 

So, there you have it. All my "living" works in progress (WIP's). All six of them. Six that will hopefully become three pretty quickly, if I get the socks, poncho and spinning done ...

How's your juggling?

Crochet Winners!

anni-2-2 Rita-2

We've got two winners!

Congratulations Debbie - who loved the Berula Poncho and Cindy (More Like June) - who loved the cute Euphorbia dress! 

You've both won a pattern of your choice from the fabulous Crochet Project Botanicals Spring/Summer collection.

I'll be in touch!!!