A Big Thank You! To SAL Sponsors - Part 3!

We are sooooo spoilt with this Stitch Along you guys! I am blown away by how many fantastic prizes we've been donated. 

Here's the final instalment of my thank you and LOOK! posts about all the prizes we've been given.

I've had a crush on Skein Queen yarn for years and years. I adore the gorgeous colours that  Debbie creates and her lush bases. I have knitted lots of projects with Skein Queen yarn and I'm thrilled to have a skein to give away to one of you!

Debbie has very kindly donated a skein of her beautiful Desire Merino in the Nutkin colour way. Bonus: it's a perfect substitute for the Skein Queen yarn I used for my Reminisce hat design :)

Hannah dyes gorgeous yarn right here in New Zealand - I had the pleasure of meeting her at the retreat I just attended and she's a honey :)

She has very generously donated a gorgeous skein of coveted Red Riding Hood fingering perfect for a drapey shawl in her favourite colour - doesn't that sound fab?!

I really enjoyed meeting Tash at the KAN retreat and I'm tapping my fingers waiting for her to decide to open a branch of her gorgeous shop near me in Auckland .... tap tap tap ...

Tash has generously donated a tote bag and some gorgeous Knitsch sock yarn from her glorious handdyed yarn range for one of our lovely winners. Lovely!

The kind folks at Loveknitting have offered a voucher to use at their fantastic shop. It'll be enough to buy you a skein of fingering and maybe some other little bits as well! 

Loveknitting is a great resource for buying yarn online. They have a fantastic range of yarn   & patterns (mine are there!) and offer free shipping anywhere in the world with a minimum order. I know they're popular even with knitters down here in New Zealand.

Cooperative Press publish lots of fantastic books for independent designers. They believe in giving small designers and crazy ideas a chance and produce really great books.

Very generously - Cooperative Press have donated a subscription to their Knit Edge mag! Pretty cool huh?!


Aren't we just the luckiest?! Thank you so much so all of our wonderful, generous sponsors! 
I'd love it if you'd show them some support too :)

Just a few days left for the Stitch Along - get the photos of your finished projects up in the thread so you're in the draw to win something!

Catching Up & A Giveaway!

Portable projects

We're slowly getting into a rhythm. Usually it consists of to-ing and fro-ing to school, the supermarket and swimming, making packed lunches for 8 kids and dinner for 12 of us. The kids are sorting out their pecking order and I seem to be back to my unshakeable habit of spreading yarn, fabric, needles and books from one end of the house to the other and forgetting where I've put the car keys.

After a week of feeling frozen when I first arrived, I'm now lovely and warm and dreaming of new sundresses, super light-weight lace knitting and roomy bags to fill with bottles of water and sunscreen. I even caught myself talking my sister into making ourselves swimsuits today ... surely evidence that things are settling into some kind of normal.

I'll show you what I've been making soon, but first I have a bit of catching up to do. I managed to finish the beautiful hat for my friend (I've got some photos for later in the week) and if you're a follower of my Facebook page, you might remember that just before I left the UK I had my first article published. What a buzz! I was thrilled to appear in the second edition of iMake Magazine, put together by Martine of the wonderful iMake blog and podcast.

iMake Magazine is a digital magazine that you can download to your computer or tablet, full of interesting foodie and crafty reads. In this recent issue, I particularly enjoyed the articles about photography and handmade gifts, as well as the delicious gluten-free cake recipe which I will be sure to try out. My article was about portable crafts. It was a very timely topic for me and I really enjoyed planning, photographing and writing about what I could bring with me on my big trip to keep me busy and satisfied. The above photo is a taste of what I tucked into my suitcase.

Guess what?! Martine has kindly donated 5 copies of the fabulous iMake Magazine to give away to you lovely people!

If you'd like to win a digital copy, leave me a comment below this post by midnight (NZ time) Sunday 1 December 2013 and tell me your perfect holiday craft. I'll then draw five winners and let you know who you are next week (just one comment each please).

Fingers crossed! X

Tart Shawl

Milo is off the needles (I'll show you how it turned out soon) so, it's time to cast on something new, right? Right indeed. I'm trying to do a bit of stash busting (or stash grooming as the Knitmore Girls have recently renamed it, - and I rather like that) and have been reaching into my groaning shelves of yarn for new projects. My stash is desperate for some grooming, there are some balls of yarn buried deep down that have sat there for years. And I mean YEARS, like ten years! If I try to use stashed yarn where I can, I'll feel better about buying new when I don't have enough of something, or nothing that'll work ... that's the plan ... but, I get a bit antsy about plans, so we'll see how it goes!

tart shawl

This ball of lusciousness hasn't actually been in my stash all that long, but I've been so excited about casting it on, so I did. Isn't it glorious?! It's Madelinetosh, my first skein of Tosh, ever. To be precise, it's Tosh Sock, 100% Merino, in the Tart colourway. I bought it at Loop earlier this year. Just one skein.

tart shawl

And here's what I've been up to with it. It's the beginnings of an Oaklet Shawl by Megan Goodacre. For me. It's a free pattern and I've seen a couple of these shawls knit up lately, they've been really pretty. 

It's stockinette and yarn overs right down the "body" (is that what you'd call it?) and then a simple lace border along the bottom. I think it's just about the right amount of lace for me at the moment. I don't have any time of day when I can totally concentrate on complicated knitting. There's always some little person likely to interupt. So, for now at least, I'm sticking to knitting that I can pick up and put down. Knitting that won't turn into a mass of holes and dropped stitches when I have to quickly stop in the middle of a row to change a nappy, feed the baby, pick up a hurt little person, or sort out a squabble. I know it's just a phase, but oh my, some days I envy people who can just sit and knit and knit and knit!

I'm knitting my shawl along with the lovely Evelyn at Project: Stash. She's knitting an Oaklet Shawl too. It might just be the two of us... perhaps you're knitting one too, or might like to cast one on? The more the merrier - come, join in!


The other thing I wanted to tell you was about is the cool fibre craft magazine Entangled Magazine. Have you heard of it? I hadn't until just the other day. I don't know how I missed it before now, it's international, digital and it's fantastic. If you've read my blog before you'll know that I'm a bit nuts about knitting and craft books and I'm the same about magazines ...  Anyhow, I had a read of the free preview issue and a couple of other articles in subsequent issues and loved it. You've got to take a peek. Instead of being another magazine full of knitting patterns, it focuses on all things fibre-related and is full of in-depth articles, personal stories and beautiful imagery from the fibre craft world. Yippee!!!

I've read that Genny Stevens, the creator and Editor of Entangled, is on a mission to ensure that this magazine grows and sticks around for years to come. She's launched an indiegogo crowdfunder so that it's in the financial position to compete in the international market and has set a deadline three days from now to fund her "audacious growth plans". Check it out, the clock is ticking! There's a bunch of ways you can support Entangled and some great perks for doing so. Good luck Entangled!