Knitting - whatever the weather

Well, I don't know about you, but I knit whatever the weather. Hot, cold or in between, click, click, click go my needles. One very hot summer a few years ago I knitted beside beaches and swimming pools all over Europe. I did get a few funny looks, but I hid behind my sunglasses and managed to get a bunch of cardigans and sweaters finished for my two big kids, ready for their first cold English winter. 

Usually I knit according to the weather outside. Or at least I save bigger projects for cooler weather. Last year I knitted a couple of pairs of socks while we were camping. In really hot weather they are the perfect item to knit. Light and small, quick satisfaction.
In contrast, during the winter, nothing is nicer than a lap full of scrummy warm wool.

So, what is on my needles during this wet and chilly spring weather we're having now?

Silver buttercup

My "main" knitting is my silver Buttercup for the luvinthemommyhood tops, tanks & tees knit along. To be honest I have had mixed feelings about this knit. I started with a hiss and a roar; zooming down from the neck, joining it in the round, enjoying the lace along the front and then splitting the body from the sleeves. And then I tried it on and... it was too big! 

You see, I am at the bottom end of one size, but the next size down is just too small. I contemplated going down a size but then thought to check my gauge. What was this! I was off.... by TWO whole stitches!!! How did that happen? My swatch was okay... I even did the fancy swatching in the round technique suggested by Jane Richmond. In the end, I decided it was the toddler's fault. She jumps on and off my lap in the evenings and my knitting goes all lax.

So I frogged the lot. Went down a couple of needle sizes and started again. I am using my metal tips this time and although they are faster to knit with, I've made slower progress. I think it is because it's the second time round and I've lost my va va voom. 
I'm finally just past the point I was when I unpicked the lot. I'm heading down the body again. Setting aside that niggling thought that I should be finished by now.... I think I'm starting to feel the love again...


My Wispi is also still ticking along. It's on a holder right now because I've pinched the needle tips for my Buttercup. But it is slooooowly growing. I did say this would be background knitting, and it is! I pick it up when I don't have something else handy... I'm still loving the colour!

So far, I've made it down the arm and am working my way across my back. Remember how I had plans to adjust the pattern? I want longer, fitted sleeves and I've knitted them in the round. So far, my number crunching is working out okay. I'm knitting the Women's medium size and I cast on 52 stitches instead of the 78 required. I popped a stitch marker bang in the middle and knitted in the round,  increasing either side of the marker every 8 rows, until I had 78 stitches. I've used the Elizabeth Zimmerman M1 increase which looks great. Once I reached 78 stitches I tried the sleeve on and decided that I wanted it even longer, so I kept knitting round after round, trying it on, then knitting more and more, until it was as long as I wanted it. In the end I have a super long sleeve, 53.5cm/21" from my armpit to cuff.

Now I am following the pattern, knitting flat, till I get to the other side of the back. Then I have to remember what I did for the first sleeve.... and do it backwards. Wish me luck!


Colourful Giveaway!


Welcome to day one of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012. It's going to be a fun week. A post a day for seven days.... phew!

We've been given general topics to write about each day, and part of the fun is to see how these topics are interpreted blog to blog. So take a look around, here and elsewhere. The code to search for in Google today is 3KCBWDAY1. I'll pop the search codes for the other days at the bottom of my posts.

Anyhow, Monday. The theme is Colour Lovers.

Taking a peek around my blog you'll see that I am fairly colourful. Funnily enough I LOVE muted colours but rarely buy them. Big bold bright colours just jump into my bag... and to celebrate big bold bright colours I thought we'd have a giveaway. A knitterly giveaway. This is Knitting blog week after all :)


For ages now I've been wanting a case for my interchangable knitting needles, cables and bits and bobs.

I've finally gotten around to making one. And, while I was at it I made two. One for you too!

colours colours colours colours

A colourful extravaganza, no?! I drew inspiration from  a lovely pen wrap roll over at No Big Dill, hunted about for knitting needle cases I liked, and went from there. 

There are pockets for 16 pairs of tips, 12cm / 4.5cm long. Tucked behind are three larger pockets perfect for lots and lots of cables. Connectors, caps and cable keys can be safely tucked away in the zip pocket at the end.The case is padded to protect your precious needles. A soft flap makes sure your needles don't slip out and, once rolled up, the whole thing is held shut with an elastic cord, encased in pretty dotty cotton.

colours colours colours

To enter, leave a comment at the bottom of this post before 10pm, Sunday 29th April GMT. I'll let you know who won on Monday morning.
PLEASE! Leave me an email address so I can get hold of you. Or, make sure you pop back to see who won!!! - this giveaway has now closed.

So, fingers crossed, you can have one of your own. Mine is already in use! I've got a pair of wee scissors and a few crochet hooks tucked in there too.I did get a bit of a surprise this week. I thought I'd photograph my latest yarn purchases to show you what lovely colours they were. I bought them on a couple of separate occasions. Anyhow, look what I found....

colours colours

They're nearly all red and green. Who'd have thought? I thought I was in a yellow phase :)
See you tomorrow!