Forced Perspective

Forced Perspective Forced PerspectiveForced Perspective Forced Perspective

We learnt about the exposure triangle at my photography course last week and our second homework assignment was to play with shutter speed and aperture and the concept of forced perspective. I mostly played with aperture because I love trying to get that blurry background photography buffs call bokeh.

Gabriel and I had fun trying to get the streams of colour to look like they were coming out of him. Between him shaking from trying to hold unusual positions and me shaking trying to line up the colour with his mouth or finger, there were a fair few out of focus shots. These were our favourites of the ones that worked.

But, what would a photo shoot be without knitwear? You've seen his hat before. I'm pleased it's getting a lot of use. Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to pin him down with Mr Myrtle and Uncle Matt and get a photo of all three together....

Gabe's sweater was knitted by my Mum. It's a lovely pattern with a deep rounded collar and it's likely to fit for 
years :)

Half an Hour

half an hour in the bathroom half an hour in the bathroom half an hour in the bathroom half an hour in the bathroom

My photography night class started last week. It was fantastic, and felt like a proper art class, philosophical tangents and all. I LOVED it. 

Our homework is to take a series of four photos from unusual angles. They have to be linked in some way. Here's my first attempt; Half an Hour (in the bathroom). It may have been longer, there is a lot in the bathroom to keep a small person busy! I even lay on the floor in front of the loo. If you have small children you know what that means ... I am a very dedicated student.

By the way, I knit Tess' lavender cardigan years ago for her big sister. Before I was on Ravelry. The origin of the yarn eludes me, but it's a Rowan pattern; Relish from the book Rowan Babies. The bobbly bits were easy & fun, and it's got a lovely curled neckband and twisted cords which tie in the front. Cute.