Postcards: In The Air


You could feel Autumn peeking around the corner today. It was a great way to end my "staycation".  The sun is still soothing and warm, but the light has become sparkling and magical and there's a crispness in the air that whispers promises of exciting things to come. Oh, I love this weather, it feeds my soul.

The Myrtle family heard lots of oohing and aahing from me today. I embarrassed some of them with crazy dancing in the kitchen and they shook their heads and wrinkled their noses at my mutterings about the fabulous weather as I flung open windows and drank in the day.

But, it's true. I adore the change of summer to winter. I suspect I'm not the only knitter who does. My Ravelry queue has been shuffled, my stash has been caressed and I'm gathering steam for the exciting months ahead.

I've got a yearning to cast on something in charcoal grey, but I'm yet to find just the right yarn and in the meantime have fished out some dreamy blue bfl/silk fingering dyed by Sparkleduck. It's so pretty and fresh, I think it might become a wee cardigan.

Thank you everyone for joining me for my month of postcards. I've loved popping in every day and I've have been so touched by how many of you have popped in to say "hi" and tell me you've enjoyed my postcards.

So tell me, what's your favourite time of the year? And, what are you itching to cast on? 

Love Lib X

P.S. You'll be pleased to hear that Mr Myrtle fixed the washing machine :)

Postcards: One of Those Weeks


This week:
  • the cooker went "bang" and smoke came out the back;
  • the washing machine leaked a large puddle then stopped working;
  • I trod on my project bag and my last 3.75mm interchangeable tip went "snap".
That's three. I really hope that's it.
Love Lib X

Postcards: Reality Check


Flicking back through my postcards leads me to wonder if my holiday (indeed my life?) might not seem calm, harmonious and full of happy bursts of crafting - and I have to laugh.

Because my knitting, spinning, sewing and creative adventures are squeezed in between four, very loud, very mucky, perpetually hungry, almost constantly squabbling children.

They are really great kids and I love having them at home. But something HUGE is going on behind the scenes here at Truly Myrtle (can't wait to tell you soon) and I've started counting down the days till school's back (5).

Love Lib X

Postcards: On The Side


According to my official granny circle counters - I'm up to 120. Still not enough for the gigantic blanket I have in mind (although I haven't worked out how much I'm aiming for yet) but my piles are growing and I love all the pretty colours.

I'm tempted to start joining them together except that I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

In the meantime, I'll keep 'em coming, circle by circle. My basket of scraps doesn't look any smaller.

Love Lib X

Postcards: Filling The Bobbins


I'm feeling desperate to knit something with my handspun and the upcoming Must Stash Handspun Stashbusting KAL (and the fantastic new handspun feature on Ravelry) has me all inspired.

My luxury blend of merino/alpaca/camel/silk feels as light as air and is spinning up beautifully. I wonder if I can finish it in time to start knitting with it on the 1st of September?

Who wants to join me?
Love Lib X