Lace Meets Plate


My 50-something rows of lace are done. I won't lie, it wasn't all plain sailing. Lace & small children and lace & gripping TV don't mix. I lost my place a million times, reknit little sections twice and ripped out a bunch of rows once. But, in the end, I got to the top of the chart. I haven't checked carefully for errors but there is nothing glaringly obvious jumping out at me.

Because it's lace, at first I panicked that it was too small... but a little soak and blocking have allayed my fears. The lace has opened up beautifully and I'm terribly proud of my little bit of lace knitting. Isn't it pretty? 

Outfit 1 2013 - Lace Beret

Did you know you block lace berets (all berets I think) on dinner plates? It seems unlikely that the tiny thing will stretch over but it does. It's quite ingenious.
I had to photograph my beret on the best white backdrop - snow. We've had a dumping of snow this last week and it's been fun. Did you know snow actually photographs a bit blue? It's a tricky creature :)

The ravelry project page for my lace beret is here. I'll model it (with my finished outfit) soon.

Equisetum Hat


There was a white blanket on our back garden this morning.

White, fluffy and perfectly smooth. Just the wee birds taking a hop.

Until the girls woke up. Squealed. Fed themselves. 
Dressed up warm and leapt into the puffy white.

They've been waiting ALL winter. FINALLY!!! SNOW!!!

And what a perfect excuse to show off my new warm and squishy hat?

I love this little pattern. It is Equisetum by Po Lena. A free Ravelry download and super quick to knit. 

It has a fabulous cable pattern set to one side up the front, see?

And closer....

I had grand intentions of knitting it up in the round and avoid the seam at the back. Like this lovely hat by KGS on Ravelry. But alas, I didn't have the time or energy to rewrite the cable, so a flat knit it was. And I tried to seam it neatly...

I love the squooshy garter of the rest of the hat and the rapid decrease at the top, leaving a gathered pouch. It's a great shape.
And no sensible brim to turn up. This woolly number is super chic!

But do you think I have the ball band for the yarn? Nope. Whoops.

I bought this lovely yarn in New Zealand a year ago from Skeinz. I'm not entirely sure but it might be from their Harvest range. That rings a bell although I can't see my colour-way in the list. Mine is a deep mulberry.

See my little helper?

She enjoyed the snow too. And her pink gumboots.

They are saying it will snow again tomorrow....