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She's done. Lanata the lovely. What a long haul that was! Do you remember the vote in April when you decided I'd knit her? I started in August but had such a battle with that jolly yoke to get the curvy pattern and the decreases working in harmony. What a performance and, unfortunately, I think it was just me...

I love, love, LOVE the yarn. It's Louisa Harding's Ianthe yarn, a 50/50 merino/cotton mix. It knits like a dream, is smooth and so comfortable to wear. Warm without being hot. And, it's sturdy. After all my ripping, it has just lasted perfectly. You'd never know how hard I've been on it. I'm definitely going to use Ianthe again.

I should have made a smaller size. After these photos and before starting another rather lovely new project, I took the time to measure myself properly. Hmmm, I'm a whole three inches smaller in the bust than I was last time I checked... So this cardy might not have figure hugging curves, but hey, it's so comfy I don't mind. I'm calling it slouchy. I've made mine an inch longer than the pattern suggested, I don't remember why... I must have had some reason at the time... but, anyhow,  I did. So, I've added an extra buttonhole and button to the front band making seven in total.

See in the top shot the gape between the first two buttons? It annoys me. I tried sewing on the second button a couple of times, but I can't seem to get it right. So, I think I'll wear it with just one button done up; that sits better. I have tried buttoning it all up, but that just doesn't work on me. Although there's waist shaping in there I could do with something altogether more fitted and when this cardigan is all buttoned up I look very straight up and down, not such a good look. I'll aim for a more nipped in waist next time. At least I know what my actual waist measurement is now...

My ravelry project page is here.


A little bird told me that there will be another summer sweater knit along over at Luvinthemommyhood in a couple of months. Despite my "re-knit", I am really having a ball with the tops, tanks & tees knit along. It's great fun to be knitting with other people, I'm enjoying the chit chat on the knit-along Ravelry thread and it's certainly keeping me at it. So, I'm definitely joining in next time. Oooo la la! More selfish stuff. You know it's just what I love, but shhhh, don't tell the kids.

So, because I just can't help myself... I've started looking for a pattern already. Choices, choices! I can't cope. I've managed to narrow it down to TEN lovely sweaters. Okay, nine lovely sweaters and a capelet (does that count? Oh well, it's in). Now, I need your help. 

Will you please pick the sweater you would like to see me knit? Pretty please? They're lined up below for you to see and links to pattern details are below each photo. You can vote, in the poll on the right sidebar. Click on your favourite, or even favourites. Because I understand the lure of lovely patterns I'll let you vote more than once. Who knows? If there's a tie, I might have to knit two ;)

Voting will be open until the end of the weekend. I'll let you know which one has won next week, and then I'll start drooling over yarn and knitting my swatch!

So, here they are - the lovely line up.... in alphabetical order... 

Flowing Lines




Image copyright - Jane Heller

Twiggy Cardigan

White light by Veera

 Aren't they just fabulous?!
Right, let the voting commence!
Thank you X