Despite careful checking and test knitting, sometimes errors slip through. 

PDF patterns will be updated immediately a mistake is found. Corrections for printed patterns can be found below.


At the top of page 6, second NEXT ROW (WS) from the top, it should read: Next row (WS) P to last 7 sts, (k1 p1) three times, p1.


In the abbreviations section pfb should read: pfb purl into the front leg and then the back leg of the same st (1 st inc)


Smoosh section B & C onwards - all repeats on RS rows should read: (k14, yo, k2tog), carrying on the chevron eyelet pattern from earlier sections. If you have purchased a printed copy, you're welcome to email me for a new version.


At the top of pg 6, for the largest size, rep the shaping rows 14 times.


Working the dot stitch.

Step 6 should read: "Pass the second loop over the purled stitch and drop it off the right-hand needle."


All WS rows begin and end with sl3wyif for the icord.


If you've got fixed circulars you might have gotten into a tangle with the first short row after the neckband. Sorry!

So, I'm getting you to change your needle size a row earlier and have changed the purl back row after the first increase to read:

Next row (WS) Change to US 4/3.5 mm needles and p to end. 

If you've already started the short row and have stitches left on your smaller needle, just slip them to the other end of your larger needle. Sorry to anyone that was confused!