Despite careful checking and test knitting, sometimes errors slip through. 

PDF patterns will be updated immediately a mistake is found. Corrections for printed patterns can be found below.



There's an error in the numbering of the Wide Chevron stripes

Rnds 19 & 20 should repeat rnd 18 and rnds 24 & 25 should repeat rnd 23.


The original version of Chart 2 - Border, included an error which is now corrected. The corresponding written instructions were correct.

The edges of the border are worked in Garter stitch, so they're worked with knit stitches on both the RS and the WS.


At the top of page 6, second NEXT ROW (WS) from the top, it should read: Next row (WS) P to last 7 sts, (k1 p1) three times, p1.


In the abbreviations section pfb should read: pfb purl into the front leg and then the back leg of the same st (1 st inc)


Smoosh section B & C onwards - all repeats on RS rows should read: (k14, yo, k2tog), carrying on the chevron eyelet pattern from earlier sections. If you have purchased a printed copy, you're welcome to email me for a new version.


At the top of pg 6, for the largest size, rep the shaping rows 14 times.


Working the dot stitch.

Step 6 should read: "Pass the second loop over the purled stitch and drop it off the right-hand needle."


All WS rows begin and end with sl3wyif for the icord.


If you've got fixed circulars you might have gotten into a tangle with the first short row after the neckband. Sorry!

So, I'm getting you to change your needle size a row earlier and have changed the purl back row after the first increase to read:

Next row (WS) Change to US 4/3.5 mm needles and p to end. 

If you've already started the short row and have stitches left on your smaller needle, just slip them to the other end of your larger needle. Sorry to anyone that was confused!