4 July 2015

I've Joined A Yarn Club!

Gee I'm super excited - I've just signed up for my very first yarn club!

Some of you are old hands at this but it's totally new and cool for me and I can't wait for yarn to start arriving in my letterbox!

Let me tell you all about it cos if you live "downunder" maybe you want to join too ...

Tash from Holland Road Yarn Company contacted me yesterday to ask if I'd mind spreading the word about her new yarn club. She actually offered me a couple of skeins of yarn in return. I've never done a "deal" like that before so initially I was a bit  "ah - not sure ... " but then I clicked on her link about the club, read all about it and decided it looked so cool that not only would I tell you all about it - I'd jolly well buy a subscription myself!

I can't tell you any "details" about who the yarn is coming from ... although you will NOT be disappointed ... but I can tell you; Tash has recruited three amazing indie dyers from North America to kick things off. I haven't tried any of them yet ...

To follow, three special NZ dyers are dyeing exclusive colourways just for us. You can sign up for either the Northern dyers or the Southern ones, or go all in and register for both. 

Each parcel will contain:
  • 100g approx of 4ply / fingering weight yarn dyed especially for us in an exclusive colour way
  • special treats worth at least $10

Here's the prices:


You get yarn for the first 3 months from all North American dyers
NZ - $150 including shipping
Australia - $154 including shipping 

North & South

All 6 months, North American dyers followed by NZ dyers
NZ - $300 including shipping
Australia - $308 including shipping

(Any leftover spots for South will go on sale in late September.)

The shipping dates are:

(the North American yarns)
  • late July / early August
  • first week of September
  • first week of October
(the NZ yarns)
  • first week of November
  • first week of December
  • second week of January

If you want to "join the club", head over to Holland Road and sign up at 10am, 9 July (NZ time). Spots are limited so get in quick.

Pretty cool huh?! I've signed up for the North club and Tash kindly gave me a discount to say thank you for telling all of you. 

p.s. I'll always tell you if I do a "deal" but I'll never ever do a "deal" that I don't love.

25 June 2015

Truly Myrtle KAL!

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You're invited to join the great Truly Myrtle July KAL starting 1 July in the Truly Myrtle Ravelry group!

There are nearly 600 of us in the Truly Myrtle group now and I thought it would be nice to do something all together so we're having a great big knit along - we're choosing any Truly Myrtle pattern and knitting together throughout the month of July.

There are six shawls and two hats in the Truly Myrtle collection. Are you in a shawl phase? Keen to knit your first shawl or does your wardrobe need a cosy hat? See what tickles your fancy and find some beautiful yarn to match. We're going to cheer each other along, help each other with questions and generally have a lovely time.

Plus, I’m super excited to have a big pile of FANTASTIC prizes lined up for you! I can’t wait to show them to you - quite a few are on their way to me now …

How do you join in?
  • Choose a Truly Myrtle pattern;
  • Cast on 1 July;
  • Chat and knit and knit and chat;
  • Encourage each other along in the chatter thread;
  • Post a picture of your finished object in the FO thread and be in to win a great prize;
  • Only group members are eligible for a prize;
  • WIP’s started before July count too;
  • Knit as many patterns as you like!
  • Use the hashtag #trulymyrtlekal to see what everyone else is doing on instagram/twitter :)
Any questions? Just ask!

23 June 2015

NEW PATTERN! Southern Shawl & Discount Code!

Southern Shawl designed by Libby Jonson for Truly Myrtle. Pattern available on Ravelry.

It's been so hard to keep this design a secret. I've been feeling super excited about my Southern Shawl and it's taken all of my willpower not to tell you all about it and how thrilled I am with it!

When Helene from Happy Go Knitty asked me to design a shawl for her recent Shawl club I was very flattered but sooooo nervous! Her one requirement was that I use one skein of her silk/merino fingering yarn but all other design decisions were entirely mine. She even let me choose the colour of the yarn and I fell immediately in love with this soft, clear, grey.

Southern Shawl designed by Libby Jonson for Truly Myrtle. Pattern available on Ravelry.

I rather enjoyed working to a deadline. I spent a bit of time playing with the yarn and seeing how it behaved before I settled on the design. The yarn is simply glorious. It's silky smooth and soft to knit, holds together well, has a fantastic sheen and drapes beautifully. I'm very impressed.

Southern Shawl designed by Libby Jonson for Truly Myrtle. Pattern available on Ravelry.

Southern shawl has a very modern feel. It's an asymmetrical triangle and the body is alternating rows of stockinette and reverse stockinette so it looks almost identical on both sides.

I'm most excited by the border and adore the contrast of lace with the decreasing points. The border took a lot of fiddling to get just right and it makes me happy every time I look at it!

There's not tricky stitches in the pattern - lots of familiar knits and purls, yarn overs, decreases and increases. It's a good pattern for most levels - even adventurous beginners. As usual, I've included both written and charted instructions so you can knit exactly how you like :)

Southern Shawl designed by Libby Jonson for Truly Myrtle. Pattern available on Ravelry.

I wore my sample over the weekend and it worked both wrapped around my shoulders like I've worn it in the pattern photos and snuggled around my neck like a "scarf" as I like to wear my crescent shawls. In fact, it sits really nicely around my neck with the "seam" sitting neatly to one side and the lace border fanning out over my shoulder. It's the perfect length for the ends to fall to the front.

If you fancy a Southern Shawl for yourself, pop over to Ravelry where it's available to buy. If you use the code SOUTHERN15 at the checkout you'll receive 15% off the price. Be quick though - the code is only valid for 48 hours - until midnight, Thursday 25 June (New Zealand time).

Happy knitting!

16 June 2015

NEW PATTERN! Rattan Shawl & Discount Code!


II'm really pleased to let you know that I've published my latest shawl design; Rattan Shawl.

Rattan was inspired by the yarn itself. I've been savouring my last two skeins of beautiful Tosh Merino Light in my stash for some time. The first was a muted blue that turned into a Settler Shawl late last year. This glorious wheat coloured yarn (appropriately named Winter Wheat) told me in no uncertain terms it wanted to be something distinctly modern, with lines, structure and texture.

Yarn often tells me what it wants to be. Does your stash talk to you too? I've learnt through trial and error that it's best to listen carefully to what my yarn is saying. It's much easier to work with that little voice than to try to mould my yarn into a design that's already in my head.


I mostly wear my shawls wrapped around my neck like a scarf, with the ends hanging forward. I find that they stay on better, look stylish and keep my neck warm in cooler weather. My favourite shawl shape to wear in this style is a crescent shawl. I love how a shallow crescent shape gains in length what it looses in depth. When I wrap them around my neck I get the benefit of squishy layers of knitting stopping any draft getting in but also get the benefit of those long drapey ends hanging beautifully at the front.

Rattan is a crescent shawl with lots of length and it's fabulous to wear. I've also included instructions to make it larger so if you want a bigger, even more fantastic shawl, you can do that really easily.


Rattan is a great shawl for knitters of all experience. It's full of familiar stitches; knits, purls and yarn overs and where I've used a new stitch, like KYOK - I've included a link to a tutorial to show you exactly how to knit it. 

The ribbed sections use twisted stitches. Twisted stitches create a really structured look which I love and isn't tricky to do. Instead of knitting or purling into the front leg of your stitch - you knit or purl into the back leg. 


I've been hearing lots of questions about blocking shawls lately and talked at length about how I block crescent shawls in my latest podcast. If you're confused, hopefully this'll shed some light on the whole mystery of blocking! I am planning a blog series about blocking soon too.


My Rattan Shawl pattern is available to buy now on Ravelry and I'm offering it with a special discount for this week only! 

Enter the code RATTAN15 at the checkout to receive 15% off the pattern price. The code will expire at the end of the week, at Midnight, Sunday 21 June 2015 (NZ time) so get in quickly!

I do hope you enjoy knitting and wearing your Rattan Shawl - I love seeing photos of your Truly Myrtle projects - so send me a picture, tag me on Instagram or post a picture of your shawl in the Truly Myrtle Ravelry group.

Happy knitting!

11 June 2015

Truly Myrtle Podcast - Episode 6!

Hello! There's a new podcast up! Enjoy xxx

Here are links to all the things I mention:

P.S. I totally forgot to draw a winner for the beautiful Nunnaba Skein of yarn! Congratulations Vivie! You've won the yarn!