What's the Truly Myrtle "mini-mag"? 

It's a longer email from me to you in the form of a little magazine. Designed to be an enjoyable read over a cup of tea, my mini-mag is full of exclusive articles, previews, tips & more.

What's included?

I cover all sorts of topics around knitting and sewing such as - how to get started with a handmade wardrobe, taking great project photos, knitting from stash, choosing patterns that suit you and styling shawls. Click on any of the buttons below to read some of my earlier mini-mags.

Sometimes I'll also send you a "stop press" email to announce a pattern release so you get hear about new designs straight away and get a chance to grab early-bird discounts.

How do I get a copy?

Easy! Pop your details into the form below to subscribe.

Can I contribute to the Truly Myrtle mini-mag?

I love hearing from you! It's easy to send me a message - either hit "reply" to your mini-mag or email me at libby@trulymyrtle.com. If you'd like to write something for my mini-mag I'd love to hear about it. I'm also interested in learning about your favourite knitting tips and cool things that have caught your eye.