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Truly Myrtle patterns are fun to knit and easy to wear.

Enjoy clear, well-written instructions that are a joy to follow.

Written with you in mind, Truly Myrtle designs are thoughtfully created for a wide range of sizes and they have the added bonus of making you feel fabulous when you put them on.

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The shop is full of beautiful garments, shawls and hats. Perfect for casting on today.


Truly Myrtle patterns are full of fancy techniques that are simple to master.

Try out something new in your next project. We have a bunch of photo & video tutorials to choose from. Have fun!



On the Blog

A delightful collection of journal entries, video & audio podcasts, the Truly Myrtle blog is a treasure trove of stories, as well as knitting tips and tricks. Grab a hot drink and pop over for a read, watch or listen.


Unsurprisingly, the big secret to getting knitting done is ... knit. Nothing happens when you leave projects in bags. You're the only one who's going to knit those stitches! But how do you fit it in? When do you find the time?

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When we're excited about a pattern and gorgeous yarn and itching to get started, knitting a swatch can feel like a chore that wastes precious yarn and knitting time. But really and truly, it's not.

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How do you find the answers you need? With so many stitches, so much yarn and so many new techniques, there will always be knitting questions!

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Hi! Kia ora! I’m Libby.


I’m a Kiwi living in Aotearoa New Zealand, a country that's made of a couple of long skinny islands surrounded on every side by the lapping blue waves of the Pacific Ocean. It’s lush and green with gorgeous beaches and a big blue sky.

Many years ago knitting bubbled to the top of my favourite things to do and these days I’m loving designing knitting patterns and helping you knit clothes that make you feel fabulous.

Everyone is welcome in my corner of the internet and my designs are created with you in mind. They fit a wide range of sizes and suit lots of different body shapes.