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Knitter, Designer, Maker. Loves dressing up.


knitting for all of us

In 2010, a day of knitting changed my life. My gift to you is some of the passion I found that day.


I'm Libby, a knitting pattern designer living in beautiful New Zealand with my husband & our four kids. It’s green & lush here with warm summers and cold-ish winters - perfect for knitwear!

I grew up with a huge love for handmade and homemade and get a kick out of knitting and sewing my own clothes. I love playing with clothes, although it took me a long time to know quite how much and accept that it was “okay” to love it. And I was well into my 30’s before I came to grips with what I actually wanted to wear!

I’m a restless artist and my style evolves with every year that passes but the essence of what I want to wear mostly stays the same. I feel like me in garments & accessories that are feminine without being fussy. I love layers, the freedom to roll up my sleeves and move and I find joy in bringing an outfit together with jewellery and accessories. My designs reflect that and I relish in clean lines, interesting details and gorgeous textures.

I learnt to knit and sew at a young age, making many of my own clothes through my teens and early twenties. I helped pay for my law & art history degrees with a little handmade business called "Lib's pjs" making and selling pj sets and boxers to my fellow students.


Through my mid to late twenties I was caught up with my corporate job and travelling and didn't pick up my needles or get out my sewing machine for a few years. I can't imagine what I did with my spare time?! I finally reached for my knitting again when I became pregnant with our first baby in 2001 and I haven’t put my needles down since!

In 2010, with my fourth baby tucked up in a sling, I ventured down to London and had an amazing day at the yarn festival "Knit Nation". That day truly changed my life. I traveled home to Cambridge and announced to my husband that there would be no more babies. From now on "I was knitting". A couple of years later my enthusiasm to write about knitting had exploded and my blog Truly Myrtle was born.

Fast forward and now I live in rural New Zealand with my husband, our four kids, our dog and menagerie of farm animals. I knit every day, try to squeeze in some sewing, do a heap of cooking and make things as much as I can.



Thinking of you. Fun to knit. Easy to wear.


your style

I'm passionate about supporting and celebrating handmade and homemade. I love helping you create your own clothes, figure out what colours and shapes you enjoy and what styles and patterns make you feel like you.


My patterns are written clearly so they're a breeze to follow, even if you’re fairly new to knitting. I include both written instructions & charts where possible and give you lots of links to tutorials to help you figure things out.

knitting fun

I love techniques that look much more complicated than they really are. As a mum, I know that life can be full of interruptions so my patterns are full of fun stitches and tricks that are simple to learn and quick to master. You’ll feel like a pro!

teaching you

I love my clothes to be comfy and I want you to feel fabulous in the things you knit. I’m fastidious about getting a great fit and I spend lots of time showing you how to get a great fit too. Keep your eyes peeled for my blog, Mini-Mag & video chats.


 Join our happy & supportive knitting community!


Why “Truly Myrtle”?


Good question!

I used the name Truly Myrtle to sell a handmade dolls a few years before my blog began. It was pretty much plucked from the air - I love the word "truly" and myrtle just seemed to fit. When I came to name my blog I simply couldn't think of anything else!

A few years of blogging passed and Mr Myrtle gave me a beautiful print including a myrtle flower and it came with a card saying that the myrtle flower is a symbol of love! Imagine my delight!

I am truly in love with knitting & yarn and the fibre community and "Truly Myrtle" is perfect.