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Truly Myrtle Podcast - Episode 28: Back To My Roots

I'm going back to my roots! Get ready to follow the making of my first "mini-collection" created for a new outfit I've designed.

I've got a vision of a woman, comfortable and warm and dressed head to toe in natural fibres,  deliciously earthy colours and a glorious combination of texture and gentle lace. She's scattering grain for her chickens and wandering through her vege patch, basket in hand thinking about what to pick for dinner this evening.

Join me here on the blog, on my podcast and social media to discover which patterns I'll sew and what knitting patterns I'll design for my new outfit. There'll be a little jewellery too - she needs a new pair of earrings perhaps?

My sweater is being designed with the perfect Oatmeal yarn: Heritage NZ Alpaca DK (50% Organic Merino/50% Alpaca) from Skeinz in the "Porcelain" colourway.

The wrap will use Rowan Lima (84% Baby Alpaca/8% Merino/8% Nylon) in a glorious Aubergine shade Cusco #884.

My slightly slouchy hat uses Road to China Light from the Fibre Company in the "Carnelian" colourway (65% Baby Alpaca, 10% Cashmere/10% Camel/15% Silk).

It's nerve-wracking and exciting beginning something big and new!


(Fantastic theme song is "Casting On" by Mr Roberelli)



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